Rethinking gender on nzflatmates

nzflatmates strives to be an inclusive and non-discriminatory platform

We don’t really like to be lumped into this third gender category, because that’s not what gender is about. There’s not three genders, there’s an infinite amount as it evolves every day.

I think you’ve almost answered this one yourself. You said people looking share who they are, and people advertising share who they are. I think it should be left at that, and both parties can make a decision based on what type of person they’re linking up with, and if they could be compatible. I think giving people the ability to say I am X type of person, and I am looking for Y type of person can be easily criticised, and be quite problematic. I agree people need the transparency to know who they could be living with, and prevent any unwanted surprises, but it can be easily viewed as discriminatory. ie (not that you’re offering) but a landlord cannot discriminate by race (by law at least, in practise, different story).

I guess thinking about scenarios, if a woman only wanted to live with other women, they would list themselves as a woman, and they would be only seeking out other women on the platform. They could receive some unwanted requests from men etc, which I would hope they feel they have the power to reject or ignore. I would also expect that if something like that was a non-negotiable requirement, they would either infer that in their bio through interests (i.e I’m a feminist, women’s rights), or they would blatantly state they only want to live with women, which takes the liability away from you/the platform for promoting perceived exclusion.



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