Permission to care

Dr Seuss said it best
  • A customer service team that cares when they’ve let a customer down, feel that pain and is empowered to solve the problem, not just answer the question
  • Designers who care when alignment is out by a few pixels, or who obsess about how their work is rendered on every possible device and browser
  • Developers with permission to take the time necessary to thoroughly test their own work before unleashing it on others, and who care about the quality and long-term maintainability of their code
  • An operations team that cares about every customer and every order, and who won’t settle until they create a system where every parcel is shipped on time
  • Owners and managers who care about their people and the impact their work can have on their lives at home



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Dylan Bland

Dylan Bland

Love web, gaming, cars, business, politics and philosophy. Live in Auckland, New Zealand. Rebel without a cause.