• Kat


    Model, Psychological counselor, toy maker. Married to @MonstarNZ and full-time Mama to Toby!

  • Alex Mercer

    Alex Mercer

  • Jason Kemp

    Jason Kemp

    Online marketing + WordPress. Blogger. One daughter TEDx helper & new media new ventures idealist. WordCamp NZ helper. Rainmaker, changemaker, global

  • Nick Parfene

    Nick Parfene

    CTO at Snapper. Ex-Head of Mobile and Engineering at Trade Me. Co-Founder at Improved. Relentlessly generating ideas. Twice happier when having good coffee.

  • Ross Howard // Shape What Matters

    Ross Howard // Shape What Matters

    Design thinking on shaping, growth, leadership and product.

  • Nick Houldsworth

    Nick Houldsworth

    Head of Marketing @VendHQ. Husband. Father of three. Beard grower. Tuesday drinker.

  • Thomas Beagle

    Thomas Beagle

    Civil liberties, geekery, politics, adoring fatherhood. Email: thomas@thomasbeagle.net Phone: 021-80-50-40

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