Buying a Honda E in New Zealand

A cool car deserves a cool number plate.
Honda has done a great job disguising both front and rear door handles and reducing drag by using fully digital wing mirrors.
There is a funky symmetry between the front and rear of the car — and I love exterior designer Yuki Terai’s use of circles in the design language.
The interior design was led by Fumihiro Yaguchi and could be described as both like a spaceship or a lounge. It’s unique — that’s for sure.
The Honda E is fully charged at home in a couple of hours after most journeys. A fast charger costs about $1,200 and can be installed easily for less than $500.
The cabin is dominated by the huge door-to-door LCD displays. The outer screens display images from the exterior wing mirrors.
I admire the bold design choices like brown seatbelts as standard. The tie in with the dashboard and other parts of the interior beautifully.



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Dylan Bland

Dylan Bland

Love web, gaming, cars, business, politics and philosophy. Live in Auckland, New Zealand. Rebel without a cause.